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The vertical form, fill and seal machine to form three-sided thermo-welded sachets and bags, has been conceived with the aim to supply a very user-friendly unit, with outstanding technology.
The achievements gained over many years of experience in the packaging field have made it possible to create a versatile packaging machine which, according to the different models, can make-up "pillow-case" or square-bottom packages, at medium speed ("FAIRY STANDARD") or high speed ("FAIRY-SPEED"), with the possibility to apply a ZIP reclosure to reseal the bag after opening ("FAIRY-ZIP"), as well as vacuum packages through the integrated vacuum chamber ("FAIRY-CV") or through the connection to our modular conditioning machines AV108 and V-126C ("FAIRY-V").
All the models can be built up in the standard version for small-medium bag sizes in the "M" version for medium-large bag sizes, as well as in the "XM" version for very large bag sizes.
"FAIRY", combined with our weighing or dosing systems, is able to package any small-sized solid, fine or very fine product (short pasta, sweets, dried products, olives, coffee, barley, flours, ground spices, etc.).
The programmable logic control (PLC), controlling the synchronism, the machine speed and all the movements, presents the following advantages:

  • self-control of the length of the bag, via millimetre count, both for the continuous print and for the centred print thus avoiding waste of material;

  • automatic correction of the phasing between the packaging machine and the dosing or weighing machine, according to the speed variation;

  • film draw down speed and bag sealing times adjustable through the keyboard;

  • easy storage of 10 up to 50 working programs, recallable via the keyboard;

  • product discharge sequence in the same package and programmed cuts in order to obtain multi-package sets.

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